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Kaava Sparkling Gin

Kaava Sparkling Gin - Spain

Kaava Sparkling Gin is born from a blend of the finest ingredients of gin and spirit of sparkling wine gapes, creating a new category. The best of both worlds!

What is this Kaava Sparkling Gin stuff?

Well the simple answer is it’s “The Worlds first sparkling gin” from Spain. Being a true gin it has an Abv of 40.4%. So it’s not a premixed Gin & Tonic, but a full strength Gin with a bit of fizz. It comes in two flavours White & Rose.

Why is it different from my normal gin?

Well, It has a wine based spirit. Three different Cava grapes varieties are used for the Kaava white Sparkling Gin and two Cava grapes varieties are used for the Rose. So supplying something very different to the pallet.

Making it a Gin

Distillation with the Kings of gin making, Juniper and Coriander, however with further infusion of incredible Apricot, Apple and Pear, OR Succulent Raspberry’s for the Rose.

The Posh Bit

On the nose, Clean, intense aroma of Cava with fresh fruits.

On the palate, complex yet delicate, harmony between wine, fruits and Juniper freshness and long lasting. Making this a very rare and unique drink.

So how do you serve Kaava Sparkling Gin?

Well good question.. we say add more Cava! However you can make a great gin and tonic, stick with the fact it’s a Mediterranean product, so go towards this tonic style. But we were’t joking, about the Cava… keep the carbonation levels high by adding some Cava and maybe a dash of Mediterranean tonic.

And finally.. How to store Kaava Sparkling Gin?

Its like all things sparkling, the sparkles will never stay forever, but the effervescence of the grape variety on the pallet will remain, but to optimise the life of the sparkles keep Kaava Sparkling Gin chilled as you would any good quality sparkling drink. Enjoy while your stocks last as it will be going fast when you get your friends around.

A truly unique celebration drink for any special occasion, or simply for that indulgent moment you deserve.

Volume: 70 cl

Alcohol Level: 40.4%





40ml Cava Brut

200ml Mediterranean Tonic

Basil Leaves/Bouquet

Cinnamon Stalk


In a long drink glass, serve 5 compact ice cubes. Stir until the walls of the glass get frosted. Discard/ Strain the melted water. Serve the Basil leaves and KAAVA SPARKLING GIN. Add crushed ice and stir energetically. Serve Cava Brut and add the tonic. Top up with more crushed ice and garnish with Basil bouquet. Stir with and leave in the cinnamon stick.





200ml Mediterranean Tonic

Orange Twist

Thyme Stalk


In a long drink glass, serve 5 compact ice cubes. Stir until the walls of the glass get frosted. Discard / Strain the melted water. Serve KAAVA Sparkling Gin followed by very cold Mediterranean Tonic. Garnish with an orange twist and a thyme Stalk.

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