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O de V Super Premium 100% Italian Gin - White - 0.7 Ltr Bottle

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O de V Super Premium 100% Italian Gin - White

White is characterized by a greater quantity of vanilla and by the presence of the fig (which increases its smoothness)

The complexity of these gins requires rather neutral tonics. We have worked on the recipe using always Fever Tree Indian Tonic for mixing tests, but this does not obviously preclude the use of other tonics, provided they are not too aromatic. The complexity means that even the "finish" of the glass does not require the addition of other elements that would "embellish" the taste. Less is more ...

I wanted to create a "super gin" capable of making the gin tonic an experience so pleasant and satisfying to became an alternative to wine.
Marcello Bruschetti

SAPID = caper
CITRUSY = chinotto orange, bergamot, citron, dried orange peel
AROMATIC = cardamom, karkadè, dried rosemary
SMOOTH = vanilla berries, raisin muscat grapes, dried chamomile

The OdeV project is a Mediterranean reinterpretation of the world's most popular clear spirits, Gin and Vodka. They are not just “Italian” because they are produced in Italy, but their composition has been modified and is closer to Italian tradition, using grapes and wine instead of grains, with the skilful addition of citrus fruits and absolutely distinctive botanical species. Full, smooth, complex and sensuous spirits, as you would expect from anything grown under the Mediterranean sun and produced with Italian know-how.

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700 ml

47% vol.

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