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Botica .05 Rosa Distilled Gin & Botica .03 London Dry Gin - Spain

The latest gin from Barcelona Brands, the creators of Kavva, the worlds only sparkling gin. Arriving soon in the UK.

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Two years in its preparation with beautifully designed bottle and bespoke branding
and its own typeface ‘Rua’ inspired from the 19th century streets signs Spain. A beautifully presented product, its beauty only eclipsed by its contents.

Botica .05 Rosa Distilled Gin

AROMA: Very pleasant on the nose with a firm balance between the intense aroma of juniper and the freshness of strawberry and red berries.

PALATE: Soft, light sweetness along with a pleasant tingle.

PERFECT SERVE: Chill the glass by filling it with ice. Pour Botica Rosa Distilled Gin (4-7 cl). Carefully stir the tonic water. Garnish simply with a lemon peel and natural strawberries to enhance taste.

Botica .03 London Dry Gin

AROMA: Botanical with a fresh predominance of juniper, citrus aromas and notes of lime.

PALATE: Deep, dry and robust, presenting a complex and pleasing balance of botanical flavours.

Volume: 2 x 70 cl

Alcohol Level: 37.5%

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