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Malus X Masculine - Cold Hand Winery - Apple Spirit

Masculine was first produced as a masculine complement to the Cold Hand  Feminam fortified dessert wine. And in common with Feminam, it's produced from freshly-pressed apple pulp, concentrated via a cryoconcentration process and carefully blended with Eau de Vie. The blend is then matured in small new 110 litre oak barrels for 8 months.


Masculine ended up with an alcohol content of 40%  – not one percent more than is needed to provide the perfect complement to the acid and sugar from the apples.

The taste is dominated by a deep, caramel apple flavour before being rounded off by warm tones of cognac.

Enjoy as an 'avec' wine, with a dessert - or try Masculine as an accompaniment to mature cheese.

40 % Vol. 

500 ml.

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