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Kaava Sparkling Rosé Gin - Spanish Gin - Box of 3 - FREE DELIVERY

NOW IN STOCK - this great new drink exclusively brought to you by Only Here 4.

Kaava Gin is born from a blend of the finest ingredients of gin and sparkling wine, creating a new category. The best of both worlds!

The sophistication of Spirits and the elegance and exquisiteness of Sparkling Wine. An unlikely encounter that could only flourish in the city of Barcelona, when tradition meets modernity and gives birth to creativity.

Predominantly expressive aromas of small red berries like raspberry. Sweet notes.

Fresh attack of wine which gives way to very harmonious notes of red fruit. Precise and elegant, followed by a lovely freshness. Juniper makes it crisp.


Volume: 3 x 70 cl

Alcohol Level: 40.4%

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