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O de V Vodka - 1 Ltr Bottle

Product type: Vodka from wine and grapes

About O de V: The O de V project is a Mediterranean reinterpretation of the world's most popular clear spirits, Gin and Vodka. They are not just “Italian” because they are produced in Italy, but their composition has been modified and is closer to Italian tradition, using grapes and wine instead of grains, with the skilful addition of citrus fruits and absolutely distinctive botanical species. Full, smooth, complex and sensuous spirits, as you would expect from anything grown under the Mediterranean sun and produced with Italian know-how.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

1Ltr Bottle

First vintage: September 2012

Distillation system: alembic boilers and discontinuous direct steam alembic distillation

Colour: clear and bright

Nose and flavour: can only be defined as completely unique. Harmony, purity and delicacy are the most noticeable aspects.

Taking advantage of the excellent organoleptic properties of some aromatic international and indigenous grape varieties (mainly Chardonnay, Glera, Incrocio Manzoni) we have produced a top quality product. The distillation occurs in five distinct phases. The first four distillations serve to separate and remove any unwanted chemical and organic elements. The fifth distillation, performed with a cutting-edge alembic, is done to select the delicate aromatic presence of the vines.


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