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RumISH 50cl - 'Alcohol free' alternative to Rum (only 0.5% abv) - Danish

ISH... A new drinks brand from Denmark. 'Alcohol free' spirits with familiar flavour & perfect punch!

Voted "Best Natural Drink Product 2018” at the Natural & Organic fair in Malmø, Sweden!

We are proud to present RumISH Denmark's first 'alcohol free' alternative to Rum. Natural ingredients like nutmeg and vanilla from Madagascar are extracted and together with the other ingredients of the bottle it gives a deep and complex flavour that satisfies the taste buds and gives the "rum feeling" we know - just without alcohol. 

RumISH is the perfect alternative to a classic "spiced rum". Mix with ginger beer for a virgin Dark & Stormy, or make your very own creation.

Yum & Cokeish
1 part RumISH

2 parts Cola

Garnish with fresh lime & vanilla bean

Top with freshly grated nutmeg

Dark & Stormish
1 part RumISH

2 parts Jamacian ginger beer

A dash of Angostura bitters

Garnish with fresh ginger & lime

Volume: 50 cl

Alcohol Level: 0.5%*

Sugar: 0

*NOTE: You may be surprised to know at only 0.5% abv the alcohol content is similar to fresh Orange Juice (due to the naturally occurring sugars).

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