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EVO D WINE (Brandy) - 1 Ltr Bottle

Product type: Brandy

Avilable in a Deluxe Carton, or a Luxury Lacquered Wood Presentaion Jewel Box.

For some, tradition is loyalty. Absolute, untouchable.
For me, tradition is a solid base, a starting point.
Marcello Bruschetti

Alcohol content: 42 % Vol.

Distillation system: vacuum distillation in a column still.

Wine: Caberet Sauvignon, Glera and Incrocio Manzoni.

Aging woods: first aging in oak, second aging in Chestnut and Cherry.

Aging time: close to five years.

Dwine is the result of a double distillation of different wines from the area of Treviso. Each single grape variety retains in its own sensory characteristics, yet a perfectly balanced assemblage is achieved. The double distillation process used allows for a particularly elegant and pure grape spirit to be obtained, making it inimitable and unique. The next phase is aging. Its duration is gauged on the transfer of tannins and lignin. The distillate is placed for over two years in oak casks, then finishes the aging process (other two years) in barrels made of different native woods. This special woods (chestnut, cherry) give Dwine an intense, amber colour and unique aromas.

Presentation Box

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