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GinISH - Low Alcohol alternative to Gin (only 0.5% abv) - Danish

ISH... A new drinks brand from Denmark. Low alcohol spirits with familiar flavour & perfect punch!

Voted "Best Natural Drink Product 2018” at the Natural & Organic fair in Malmø, Sweden!

We are proud to present GinISH - an amazing low-alcohol alternative to gin. Natural ingredients like juniper and other herbs are extracted and give a gentle bitterness that satisfies the taste buds and gives the "gin feeling" we know - just without alcohol.

Mix GinISH with premium tonic, cucumber and lime for a nice refreshing cocktail, or mix with aromatic tonic for added bitterness. The possibilities are endless.

1 part GinISH

2 parts Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water

Garnish with fresh grapefruit

Coolish Cucumber
1 part GinISH
2 parts Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water
Garnish with fresh cucumber & thyme
Top with fresh cracked pepper

Volume: 70 cl
Alcohol Level: 0.5%*
Sugar: 0
Only 6 calories per 100 ml.

*NOTE: You may be surprised to know at only 0.5% abv the alcohol content is similar to fresh Orange Juice (due to the naturally occurring sugars). In Europe 0.5% abv and below is classed as 'Alcohol-Free', but in the UK we have to call it ‘Low-Alcohol’. This legislation is subject to review by the UK Government in December 2018. So although we would love to call ISH 'Alcohol-Free', like the rest of Europe, we can not, so until legislation changes let's just call it ‘Alcohol-free… ISH’.

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