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O de V Vodka - 1 Ltr Bottle with Glamorous Designer Clutch Bag

Vodka of Origin Vinosa (using both grapes and wine) 40% Vol. 1 LT.
Inserted in a glamorous line of bags (clutch bags), with 3 different styles to choose from.

"Mediterranean" reinterpretation of Vodka obtained mainly from the distillation of partially fermented wine. The result is a distillate that maintains the typical neutral attack, but is completed with a closure characterised by great roundness and softness.

Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.

1Ltr Bottle

First vintage: September 2012

Distillation system: alembic boilers and discontinuous direct steam alembic distillation

Colour: clear and bright

Nose and flavour: can only be defined as completely unique. Harmony, purity and delicacy are the most noticeable aspects.

Bag Style

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