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VI.ER Winter Akvavit - Denmark

VI.ER AKVAVIT is a young brand on a mission to make aquavit exciting again, combining the classic virtues of craftsmanship and quality with a contemporary and relaxed approach to how aquavit should be enjoyed.

Flavoured with fresh Nordic botanicals, this aquavit can be enjoyed for sipping, for aperitivo hour, as a digestive after dinner, or for infusing your cocktails with the true Nordic spirit.

What is Akvavits? Akvavit or Aquavit is a distilled spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century. Akvavit is distilled from grain and potatoes, and is flavoured with a variety of herbs. Akvavit is also popular in Germany and the American Midwest.

Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should be caraway or dill. It typically contains a minimum of 37.5% alcohol by volume.

42.8% Abv.

Volume 50cl

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